Welcome to the Credit Card Resource, an online toll for you to use in your credit card shopping process. Find information about the major credit card companies competing for your business. Use our informational resources to make the best credit card selection for your personal or business needs.

It is important to fully investigate every piece of information when shopping for a credit card. If you are just starting out, read our section and get familiar with the most commonly used words when it comes to talking credit cards.

Once you are ready, the next step is an extensive investigative process. Which credit card best suits you? Which offers the best interest rate? What is your end of the deal in the agreement? Are there any rewards plans that are offered?

These are some of the common questions you will ask during this process. The Credit Card Resource will provide you information that we hope assists you when you shop. You will find articles about comparison reports, credit card reviews and any information that is deemed valuable to the shopping process.

Find out the difference between good credit and bad credit. How credit effects everything. How you can find out your credit score and the best ways to monitor.



There are numerous factors that go into the shopping process, but even more in understanding how to maintain a credit card and be a responsible user. By being a responsible credit card holder you can increase your credit score, credit limit and put yourself in line for rewards your credit card company offers as incentives. With a competitive market of credit companies trying to entice you with cash back rewards, points and other benefits, the power lies with you. If you work at it, you can discover all of the benefits over and over again.

There are many times when  we may need a credit card. Maybe a holiday is right around the corner and you want some extra spending cash. Maybe you are planning a vacation or getaway. Maybe a special occasion is on the horizon and you want to make it that much more special. Whatever the case may be, credit cards can be a huge help to our daily life.

As we add more information on the website, keep in mind that the credit card buying process is important, but doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful.

Good Luck in your Credit Card Shopping Process!